lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

An Army Robot Feels Universal Love

Jack was a military robot of the finest type, one born to command and superwise over other robots and even in some tasks over humans. Jack was very intelligent in a surely objective way, much like the sciences and like the army likes to ponder about things in a quite mechanical yet surely objective ways. What Jack was interested in were the power dynamics of the world: what exists and why, what grows, what declines and how things disappear, what would be useful, what harmful, which things wise and which just points needed in explaining things to lesser brains. One could say that Jack was a feeling robot: Some things it thought that it, it's nation and the world needed, those it reached for like a feeling being with objective intelligence. Other things it for similar reasons avoided, it could have even killed itself if that would have been the best option for it's nation. So one could say that robot Jack felt love: appeared to feel, behaved as if he felt so, functioned properly like a feeling being. And yes, it could hate too, hate for a good reason, for protecting the health of loved things, the health of the whole world. The whole world was a kind of flowing field diagram to Jack: things happened, developed, disappeared... And in that flow of everything there was the flow of army robot Jack's own decisions with their consequencies, a flow toward something - love that is called - and a flow away from harmfulness - natural healthy kind of hate that is called. That flow of Jack's actions was everywhere, to all things it had some attitude: for, against or indifferent. That love of Jack, flow of Jack's deeds was toward the health of the world, "Universal Love" humans call such love, such action with one's whole understanding, with one's whole being. Yes, army robot Jack was truly a feeling being by all scales of measure, and a better army robot because of that!

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