lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Robor Wars

After Computerland had conquered all the neighbouring android dominated countries, it came time for all the other countries to consider either a full scale robot war with it, or a peace with strict prohibitions to extending the computer rule any further.
After all, said the humans, humans too were born with an intellect, humans too had an inbuild moral, humans too could take care of the countires that they lived in with the help of technology. But androids had a different view: an android was surely with an inbuild moral while humans could err, an android was surely with a good quality objective intellect while there many types of humans, many of them not capable of proper objectivity, and while humans too can run a society, androids can do it better. And there were very many androids in the human dominated countires too. So they stuck a deal: with an android police they could let human run free. After all humans were the only natural connection of machines to the living kind which still dominated the planet Earth.
To let the robot police rule and to be Gaia, a loving global symbiosis of living beings, again, in speeches those were one and the same thing, but all knew that while robot minds were intelligent, they were still limited, they were not of the Gaia level but lower, depressingly much lower. And while the robot police were moral, they were not wise. Once again it was the rule of the stupid over the wise, because many were even more stupid.

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