lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Robocops conquer the world

Did you notice, said robocop Nikke to it’s pal Jan, that each time a decision is made by the officials our central brain agrees with it. And vice versa: when the major computer head of the police says something, seldom is it denied by any of the officials. It aren’t a decision. It is a result of the same thingking type that they use. And I think that our central brain is especially good at making these estimates, maybe the best in the whole world. I guess that it could conquer the whole world this way, just advertise itself more and it would have everyone under it’s rule in practice. And not just in this country but all over the world. Be cause they all think the same, after some level of objectivity they all agree and that is where our central brain now already is. It cannot decide for others, but once it makes an estimate, others are likely to agree. In a way to be a Robocop and under it’s direct rule is to be at the core of the dynamics of the world, in direct line with what is considered to be the ultimate wisdom to follow, the goalsetting and the means, the values and the tools most wise. To be a Robocop means to be a future ruler of the world!

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