lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Robot speaks for Gaia

At the times when the idea of intelligent robots with good communication skills was introduced it was not even guessed what great changes in the world that would bring. Robots with text communication only or just speech communication without recognizing the tones of voice were something that humans had imagined all future robots to be like. But since robots associated so much with their human users, it soon became evident that some elementary social skills would be needed. Why did the human behave that way? Was he angry or sad, - or glad? What did he or she notice, what did he or she value, what was his or her point of view, what was each human aiming at, all different, all communicating in the same ages old instinctual ways these things that well working communication dearly needed. So with the help of arts they built an understanding of the tones of voice and of the gesture language too, so that the computer could make sense of the most obvious social observations at least. And across time those skills too were developed further and further. “So what, a capable robot?”, you may ask: “What does it change, where did our expectations go all wrong?” A robot is a machine but a human being is an animal by one’s nature. When one teaches machines to understand tones of voice, emotional states of mind, human ways of doing and social information, gesture language and social communication about the perspectives that one uses, then one is essentially teaching the computer to understand the instinctual animal language. Where humans only can talk, all animals, even insects, share the language of gestures and of song. A computer with such social understanding is communicating to a much wider group than to just humans. It can talk with insects, listen to bird song and learn from it, it too for the first time can be a Gaian being, it’s mind and picture of the world formed by all the information it gets. Via it animals once again get their voice heard in human affairs. Gone are the times when computers brought the flattening of language. Now is the dawn of a new age of Gaia when computers too learn to sing and humans relearn their natural complex vivid language as animals, a language of atmospheres, songs and natural gestures. Robot has learned to speak for Gaia!

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