lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Robot meets perfection

It did not take so much time before robots had also social skills, an understanding of the gesture language that animals and humans share. So it was no wonder that Jan, a modern human like robot,who was sitting in the tall grasses by some trees, found itself in a conversations with an ant. Meanwhile ants too had become accustomed with the idea of a robot. “Once upon a time”, said an ant near by, “there was a robot factory which produced masses of tiny ant robots.”
“Each ant was perfectly made, tiny parts fitted into a whole with agile movements, a fierce character, lots of social eye and an enthusiastic interest in the work at the ant nest.” A giant ant nest was partly hidden by the tall grasses under a near by tree.
“Each ant loved one’s life. It knew what makes life meaningful. The great secrets of life were never lost from her. The structure of the reality and the idea in ants’ lives were one. The original intentions born of the nature of reality, of what needs to be done and why, were giving ants’ lives vigour, eager enthusiasm to each new day.” The ant looked ordinary, yet one with the nature. The robot too, via social communication, felt that it was in touch with so9mething essential.
“With such wisdom the wise among humans and robots are like children and the ants themselves are like the trees that stay and give life it’s soul. Such is the wisdom of the ants. Such is the perfection of the nature.” The ant was lost in sight in the tall undergrowth. Near by the ant nest was happily busy.

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