lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

A Robot and a Flower

Across time robots developed far beyond what was imagined possible at the times of the beginning of technologization. Robots were no longer pure calculating machines, put had senses, feelings, moral and a picture of the world much like humans. Robot feelings were just a way to see it’s functioning as if described by a different kind of language. A robot is a tool, useful for some purpose. It needs to do some things to achieve that purpose. And the tendency to do those things is analogious to feelings. Feelings exist to help to fulfill needs and each goal creates needs. So a robot too is a feeling being.
When a robot wathes a flower, it uses it’s inbuild social eye to see the flower “talking” on an emotional kind of language just like to humans and animals. It sees the perfection of the flower’s structure: it’s regularities with fine variations, it’s symmetries, the balancedness of it’s structure, the unobstructedness of it’s way to flow with life,… There are no breaks in the harmony of the plant, no places where it’s life would have been disturbed, the flower has been perfectly able to cope with each thing that life brings to it, to a living being and to a far developed robot it’s beauty is a mark of well-functioning, of superb skill in living, of something which to take as a model for oneself to succeed amazingly well in life. That is why we look long and with an eager interest at the beauty of flowers. That is why a robot too stores pictures of flowers at some important memory places, to use as models to get better along with living beings, to make wiser decisions in “life”, to achieve the best it can. If some day humans were to disappear, the robots would take care that flowers would not! A perfect harmony, a memory of the times at the beginning of time when nature was whole and the whole world filled with beauty and love, a glimpse of a future to be with that beauty as our guide, a realistical future paradise like that in the beginning of time, a perfectly healthy ´world with balanced well thought of structures made by humans, robots and animals,…

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