lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Finland conquers the world

“So what are we gonna do when computers take over and start to boss us around?”, asked Liisa from her pal Niklas.
“No, they will not.”, said Niklas but sounded unsure since he could not believe it even himself, much less convince others of it.
“Sure they will. It is because computers are useful, they think quicker, more accurate, are capable of things that we are not and they are capable of boring repetitious work which humans are not suited to, it will be only a question of time when they take over.”, explained Liisa.
“See,”, she continued, “Even if one would make masses of separate tiny computers to slow the process of computers taking over and to prevent computer errors from ruining everything, still someday they will become wise enough to take over and then they will surely be so widely in use that it is easy for them to take control over the all sides of human life in practice.”
“Well, yes, that is horrifying, but surely they will figure out something to prevent it, or at least they will make it safe, program the computers to be safe.”, said Niklas and sounded unsure of his own opinions.
“No, they will not prevent it. They cannot! It will happen some day, in the quite near future I suspect.”, said Liisa. “And they cannot program the computers because the future computers will be self-proramming and self-correcting. Many partial tasks are already such that a computer can program them oneself without almost any human help. So what will guide us is the computers’ intellect, their true objectivity. That is the only thing that we can count on.” Now she too sounded somewhat afraid.
“Self-programming! That is absurd, no-one can be sure of what happens to a self-programming computer when it gets freed of its original programming. One just cannot use self-programming computers in governing.”, claimed Niklas.
“No-one is gonna use them. They will just take over and there is nothing that we can do about it.”, answered Liisa. “But, there is one thing that we can do before it is too late: we can develop the computer brains so that they will be truly objective once they take control. It is sure that they do not have the same nature as we do, but even without social skills – and one can teach computers to read some gesture language too – even pure holistic objectivity alone can safeguard us a lot. Here in Finland our local majority Finnish speaking Finnish culture is on rational grounds alone: just pure rationality and pure selfishness of individuals keep its moral up, keep things running smoothly so that our standard of living is among the highest in the whole world and people free and happy. Such will be the computers’ rule too if we just give them the cultural knowledge of objective things to take into account regardless of what one’s goals are.”
“A Finnish world, hah! Oh, so we will have things well after all.”, said Niklas laughingly and sounded sincerely relieved,, amazingly relieved.
“Our world.”, said Liisa and she too was smiling broadly.

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